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Acacia paradoxa DC

Life form: Evergreen spiny shrub
En: Kangaroo thorn, Fr: Acacia paradoxa
Provenance: Southeast and southwest Australia

Distribution in Israel
The kangaroo thorn has been reported in the wild in Israel only since 2004. An emerging population has been found in the Judean Hills region next to a former tree nursery belonging to the JNF forest department.

Proliferation status
Since the only population found in the wild is relatively small, Acacia paradoxa should be considered as a naturalized alien species, according to terminology suggested by Richardson et al. (2000).

Acacia paradoxa in Israel
Very little information is available about the kangaroo thorn in Israel. It was originally introduced in Israel presumably during the 1920s for soil erosion control. Unlike in other Mediterranean countries, it was apparently not used for ornamental purposes in Israel.
Since Acacia paradoxa is growing horizontally on the ground, it can crowd out native vegetation easily.

Mechanical removal is effective. Yet a follow up is necessary in order to uproot the young seedlings that are emerging in the areas where matures have been removed.
Chemical control may be used, preferably with triclopyr as a foliar treatment. In this case a follow up is also required as it is necessary to apply the herbicide on new seedlings.
An integrated control strategy, including mechanical removal of matures followed by a chemical treatment of seedlings, is probably the best control approach.
No biological control methods have been developed yet for the kangaroo thorn.

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