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Scientific books

Dufour-Dror J.M. (2005) Invasive plant species in protected and open areas in the central region of Israel. Editions of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, 74p. [in hebrew].

Papers in refereed journals and edited books

Dufour-Dror J.M. & Ertas A. (2002) Cupule and Acorn Basic Morphological Differences Between Quercus ithaburensis Decne. subsp. ithaburensis and Quercus ithaburensis subsp. macrolepis (Kotschy) Hedge & Yalt. Acta Botanica Malacitana 27:237-242. PDF

Dufour-Dror J.M. (2002) A Quantitative Classification of Mediterranean Mosaic-Like landscapes. Journal of Mediterranean Ecology 3 (2/3):3-12. PDF

Dufour-Dror J.M. & Ertas A. (2004) Bioclimatic perspectives in the distribution of Quercus ithaburensis Decne. Subspecies in Turkey and in the Levant. Journal of Biogeography 31(3):461-474. Abstract

Dufour-Dror J.M. & Danin A. (2004). Acacia paradoxa DC. In: Greuter W. & Raus T. (Eds) Med-checklist Notulae, 22. Willdenowia 34:71-80, p.75.

Dufour-Dror J.M. (2005) The Significance of Dense Sclerophyllous Oak Forests in the Landscapes of Northern Israel and their Ecological Value: An Unconventional Viewpoint. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 53(3):215-224. Abstract

Dufour-Dror J.M. (2007) The influence of fire on the dynamics of Mediterranean ligneous structures: The Ramat Hanadiv case study. In: Perevolotsky A. (Ed.) LTER Series, Oxford University Press, (in press).

Dufour-Dror J.M. (2007) Influence of Cattle Grazing on the Density of Oak Seedlings and Saplings in a Tabor Oak Forest in Israel. Acta Oecologica (in press).

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