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Atriplex holocarpa F.Muell.

Life form: Annual
En: Pop Saltbush, Orache, Fr: Atriplex holocarpa
Provenance: Australia

Distribution in Israel
The pop saltbush is found in the arid part of the country, in the northern Negev, the Dead Sea region and in the Arava valley. Although its distribution is usually restricted to roadsides it can form dense stands. The presence of Atriplex holocarpa near the Dead Sea shores is not surprising as this herb is known for its ability to grow in saline swamps and flats, or in salt lakes.

Proliferation status
According to terminology suggested by Richardson et al. (2000) Atriplex holocarpa is an 'invasive' alien in the region considered.

Atriplex holocarpa in Israel
The pop saltbush was introduced into Israel from Australia in the 1950s. According to some authors it was imported as an ornamental species whereas others claim that the saltbush was introduced for forage improvement purposes (other Australian Atriplex species were introduced into Israel for that goal, e.g. Atriplex nummularia Lindley). Since its introduction it has spread to disturbed habitats such as roadsides. It is now found also in undisturbed habitats, for instance in the Dead Sea valley.
Although the proliferation of this herb has not drawn much attention compared with ligneous invasives, it has spread over a relatively large area during the past 50 years.

So far no information relating to the control of Atriplex holocarpa has been found.

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