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Carpobrotus edulis (L.)N.E.Br.
Life form: Succulent perennial
En: Hottentot fig., Fr: Griffes de sorcière
Provenance: Southern Africa

Distribution in Israel
A large population of Carpobrotus edulis has been reported in the 'Sharon shore' National Park, between Tel-Aviv and Netanya. A smaller but apparently developing population has been reported in the 'Na'aman estuary' Nature Reserve, south to Akko, as well as in the 'Achziv' National Park in western Galilee.

Carpobrotus edulis invading the sand dunes in the Sharon shore National Park

Proliferation status
The Hottentot fig is an 'invasive' alien according to Richardson et al. (2000)

Carpobrotus edulis in Israel
The species has been introduced in Israel for ornamental purposes. It is still currently used in public gardens. The date of introduction remains uncertain.
The Hotentot fig invades sand dunes as well as rocky cliff habitats. It forms a thick mat that displaces native vegetation and prevents the establishment of local species.
So far, no control programs have been elaborated in Israel, in order to remove the already established populations.
Considering its proliferation in other Mediterranean countries, the species is likely to infest most of the remaining natural areas along the shore, in the coming years.

Mechanical removal is effective providing the roots are removed, otherwise resprouting occurs. Chemical control consists mainly of spraying infested areas with glyphosate.

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