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Hereafter a selection of plant species found in Israel.
All the species displayed are native and grow in natural areas in the Mediterranean or in the arid region of the country.
Some are endemic with very restricted distribution ranges. Several are very rare. All the plants displayed are protected by the law in Israel.

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Anacamptis pyramidalis (L.) L.C.M. Richard

Cephalanthera longifolia (L.) Fritsch

Colchicum steveni Kunth

Iris atrofusca Baker

Iris palaestina (Baker) Boiss.

Limodorum abortium (L.) Sw.

Nymphaea caerulea Savigny

Ophrys bornmuelleri Schulze

Ophrys fleischmannii Hayek

Ophrys lutea Cav.

Ophrys transhyrcana Czernjak

Ophrys umbilicata Desf.

Orchis caspia Trautv.

Orchis caspia Trautv. x Orchis collina Banks & Sol.

Orchis galilaea (Bornm. & Schulze) Schlecht.

Orchis italica Poiret

Orchis tridentata Scop.

Trachomitum venetum
(L.) Woodson

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